Frequent Questions

I emailed you and have not received a response.

Hotmail, MSN and Live users typically receive our replies in their spam folder. This can also happen with any other provider from time to time. Please make sure to review yours for replies you may be expecting. Please also log into your account to confirm you input your email address correctly when you created your account. Of course if that address is wrong, we can't email you. Our customer service team is dedicated to each and every one of your specific requests and responds to emails Monday - Friday from 9am - 5pm. Please allow 24-48 hours for a proper response.


How do I track my order?

You will receive a tracking number for your shipment via email the day your item leaves our facility. Items purchased through this website will normally be shipped within two business days. At times, this time frame may be expanded due to circumstances beyond our control. Please view our estimated shipping times based on the various delivery options here. If you believe more time than this has passed, check the product page to confirm you are not waiting for a pre-order item. See more Pre-Order items information below. Special Offers through social networks typically take longer to ship as well, due to high order volume.


Can I call in my order or can you call me?

We love to talk! But, we have streamlined our services so that our prices are as low as possible. We only take orders that are placed online and customer service questions are answered via email.


What about Pre-order items?

Pre-order items are noted as such in yellow highlight on their product page, along with the estimated shipping date in the Product Description field. These dates are estimates and are subject to change, based on manufacturer production schedules. Just like standard purchases, you will receive a tracking email when your pre-order purchase ships. You can find full details on our Pre-order policy at the bottom of our Store Policy page.


What does In Stock and Out of Stock mean?

In Stock on is the status you will find both on items that are available immediately, as well as on pre-order items that can be purchased for a future delivery date. Pre-order items are noted as such in yellow highlight on the corresponding product page in the Product Description field. Out of Stock is the status you will find if an item is not available for purchase and a future delivery date is not yet set. You can always enter your email on these pages as well, to be notified when a new delivery date is issued.


Where do I input my coupon code?

Coupon codes can be input on the Shopping Cart page, by clicking Use Coupon Code, then entering your code and clicking Apply Coupon during checkout. You can find a link to your Shopping Cart at the very top of this page. Note: You must have items in your cart to see the Use Coupon Code field. Coupon codes placed in the comments section, sent via email, telephone or anywhere else besides in the Coupon Code field during checkout will not be honored.


How do I return items to E’s Closet?

Full instructions can be found under "How do I Submit My Return" on our Return Policy page. Please read everything fully and carefully to avoid any processing delays.


I’m having trouble making a purchase on the website. Can you help?

-Try visiting from a laptop or desktop if you have trouble with mobile format

-Try clearing your cookies and/or browsing history

-Try lowering your internet browser Security Level to at least Medium or lower

-Try to Log out, then log back in on a new browser page

-Make sure you are not in "incognito" or "secret" mode, as this usually does not work for online shopping.

-Try a different browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.)

-If you do not have an account yet, try setting up one first (by clicking "My Account" at the top of each page), before completing the purchase.

-This website will not process $0.00 dollar transactions. You must spend at least $0.01 to process an order.


I'm having trouble with the verification code in the little box. Help!

Typically people have issues with the verification codes if they are using a "secret" or "incognito" browser, as these don't work well with online shopping. You need to make sure cookies are enabled in your internet browser for the verification code to go thru. Mobile phones sometimes have this issue as well, so you should try from a desktop/laptop. You can also find more tips under the "I'm having trouble making a purchase" section.


When will you restock that dress I MUST have?

You can receive an automatic restock notification instantly by inputting your email address on the product page. We also announce new arrivals via our Newsletter.


I think my credit card was charged more than once. What do I do?

Sometimes if you're purchasing from a mobile device and it switches towers, or if you are on the web and hit "refresh" or "back" during the payment processing cycle, a duplicate credit card authorization(s) can occur. However, when E’s Closet batch captures funds each evening, we void the extra authorization(s). So although you see duplicate pending transactions initially, you will only see one payment captured for your order. If you see that duplicate captures did occur after 2 business days, please contact us immediately and we will refund the error.


What does In Production mean?

An item that is "in production" is currently being cut and sewn from fabric and thread into a completed garment.


What does Re-Cut mean?

When E's Closet runs out of a garment style or color and requests another bulk batch to be sewn, this is referred to as a "re-cut".